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Brain Fusion Kodama Kid Icarus Kodama

Two of the best software synthesizers ever, ReBirth and RubberDuck, are now completely free. I tortured many a roommate with my awful ReBirth tracks in the 90's.

I called the effort Brain Fusion, then Kodama, then Kid Icarus (whoops, already taken), then Kodama again. As I remember it, more kids were messing with cracked copies of ReBirth in high school than were trying to play guitar.

(via RepeatWhileTrue)

Summer Bits

I'm back from another summertime lapse in posting. Life has been pretty good, and very busy over the last two months.

In July, I began a new job developing software for the government. My coworkers are great, and I'm learning a lot of new technologies and design practices. The future looks promising.

Otherwise, I've been juicing the last weeks of summer with as bohemian a life as I can. I'm biking almost every day, logging about twelve miles a trip. Reading is fun again too; I strongly suggest Monkey King: Journey to the West.