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I'm stuck hiding in a
I'm stuck hiding in a tunnel; my 6 mile walk and jog has hit a massive, flooding downpour. There are neat tubular mud insect hives here.
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Oh, that's nice. Think I'm going to reproduce it for a chance to learn hyperbolic geometry, Voronoi diagramming, and SimplePostscript.

Computer Code as Art Material

An interview with three artists from the Autopilot exhibition.

"I think that when talking about programming it is useful to draw analogies with writing in general, of which computer code could be seen as only a particular form (as Kittler explains, a text with the extraordinary capacity of reading and writing itself)."

"It is like throwing stones into water just to enjoy the patterns on the surface. The performative software lies in between instrument, stage and canvas."

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

I've seen it twice now.

This movie is perfection.

The device, memory erasure, is the most understated yet ingenious one I've seen in an existentalist movie. The characters are familiar, and the dialogue is balanced between wit and realism. Beautiful cinematography.

Plus, David Cross! "It's a place that does a thing." That's pure Mr. Show.

It seemed like the movie expressed and intersected with a number of my own memories. I was surprised to see how many of my friends felt the same way about it. That's the definition of a powerful film.

I Walk the Line

I've walked 27 miles of the Madison County trail system so far this week (7 Sat, 7 Sun, 13 Tue). The plan is to take at least one new trail every weekend, either on foot or bike.

Doing this gives me a new, very real sense of space. The web, email, and cell phones distort space into a non-Euclidean foam of temporary wormholes. Without the tech, the continuity and pressure of space are inescapable. It is humbling to be reminded of how detailed the most empty places can be.

Anyway, I don't get any kind of metaphysical kick from hiking; I just start seeing things with the clarity and focus I had as a kid.

Und Mix

Cat Power
The Coral
Elliot Smith
Minus the Bear
The Postal Service

"Cheaper music means more money for drugs": Matador Records' Midline Classics are some good albums for $8-$10.

April is going to be great. The drive-in opens, for one. Rev Horton Heat, Split Lip Rayfield, Rainer Maria, and Death Cab for Cutie are doing shows in my area.


Life as a Loser #199
"Whenever I've had problems in relationships before, people often tell me, 'Well, if you're having this many problems, you're probably better off just ending it. When the right person comes along, all that other stuff won't matter.' This theory seems like horseshit to me."

Non-Expert: Doing the Date
"But is that really what you want? It’s like the clerk at the 7-Eleven told us: ‘You don’t want to be with someone who doesn’t love you. Are you really going to eat all those pickles?’"

I'm on mile 4 of
I'm on mile 4 of a 7.5 mi hike. Seen so far: a dozen little frogs, a woodpecker, muskrats, and a poem to a long distance boyfriend.
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I'm not a sports guy, outside of table shuffleboard. But this week's SLU Billikens game sold me on college basketball. It was 67-67 with 23 seconds remaining. Iowa makes a layup, leaving it 67-69 with four-tenths of a second remaining. SLU's Anthony Drejaj makes a perfect three point shot from the right, for a SLU win.

Taketomi Island

The Birth of Star Sand
"'Poor star babies. I shall put you in my incense burner. Then when the villagers come to worship me in their festival, you can follow the smoke back up to your mother in the sky.'"

Kaiji Beach is just about the only place I have to visit.

Few things in life are
Few things in life are as troublesome as a ghost who will not stay dead. Such irony that the least missed haunt the most.
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Cinimatic moments here to last
Cinimatic moments here to last a lifetime. I finally know what I've been looking for all these years, and I have it.
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"What I give form to in daylight is only one per cent of what I have seen in darkness." - M. C. Escher

auto autechre

(Nico: I made these by modifying TreeFold to draw 10% black on a white background. The grid emerges on its own, probably from accumulated rounding errors.)


"Custom-designed modernist architecture is beyond the financial reach of many people and so prefab is viewed as a design and production ideology that has the potential to deliver affordable modernism."


Designers' pages of Proce55ing miscellany:

sketches.groupc « Casey Reas
processing.unlekker « Marius Watz

Mile x Mile

Mile x Mile, a collection of photographs from the intersections of Chicago's grid.

With any luck, I'll be up there in a couple of weeks. I recieved a surprise call from someone I hadn't talked to in maybe four years. "Despite the time, this isn't a booty call. Do you live in Chicago now?" Chicago is incredible in spring.

It's 66°F here. The sky is straight out of Super Mario Bros, and everything smells like grass and dirt.

Okonomiyaki Ow Ow

I had yesterday off of work, and planned to spend the day reading outside the coffeeshop after a quick stopoff to my parents' house. I ended up cooking, and sliced halfway into my thumb. Four stitches, and a very bloody head of cabbage. I still had a great day, though.

3/4 cup flour
3/4 cup water
1 egg
1/4 head of cabbage, chopped finely and very carefully

Mix everything into a batter and cook like pancakes. Top with anything.