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Locust ocarina set the tone
Locust ocarina set the tone for the entire weekend.
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Found out tonight that B
Found out tonight that B spent $250 putting together my orchids for A. Damn. I owe B a massive favor.
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Video Feedback Fractals. Nice. I can't begin to imagine what that would look like were it being fed by live video.

We, of the cell, the
We, of the cell, the Stag, the perpetual one week singleness. More beauty and happiness in these last two months than I know how to handle.
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Corporate Me

This morning I found myself in St. Louis' largest corporate park where, unfortunately, time cannot be killed. I was unreasonably calm about the upcoming interview. A Fortune 500. I should have felt out of place, but I didn't. This made me nervous.

"This can't be me." Nice suit, briefcase. Prepared to offer a strong handshake, followed by a barrage of business acronyms.

Why this path?

Not because it's time to grow up and move on; it doesn't really work that way. People don't live in discrete phases.

Change is the only reason I can find.

On the drive home, I saw an an abandoned Children's Palace. Six years ago, it was the stage for the finale to a Fourth of July weekend that, at that age, was everything I wanted my life to be. It's hard to quantify how much a person can change.

But I changed, even though I was as happy then as I am now. And I'll do it again and again.

I can post from my
I can post from my phone now. 160 characters of fury!
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Meet the Whimpster: The Manipulative Asshole in Sensitive Clothing
"The cruel irony here is that the only people whimpsters are 'emo' or particularly passionate about, are themselves -- although they're known to tote around some pretty decent-sized messenger bags full of resentment and hatred toward women. But these women are the litany of ex-girlfriends who made broken promises. Assuredly, you are different. You are special."

Harmon Leon articles ... "infiltrative journalism."
"'Donít worry, this is all a part of a TV show,' I say, realizing the two of us (man in cowboy hat, guy in lederhosen, standing by urinal) looks like a Village People video from another dimension. The producer comes back. Lederhosen-APPROVED!" (here)

Hey Deity

Dear God,

Thanks for responding to my last message so quickly. However, I think that you misinterpreted my recent request; I only needed for you to send one (1). I always appreciate your attention, but I might develop a complex.

Your pal,


I'm excited about Valentine's Day. This fact might instigate an identity crisis.

Three random facts:

  • She can sing. Really sing.
  • Her writing style reminds me of Douglas Coupland.
  • We may be the only two people to have analysed Logan's Run.

Lightcycle is slowly coming back to life. A long-term mixed media project is in the works with my friend Amy. Its going to be big. Await further details.