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3D Biomorphs

These 3D Biomorphs are an extension to the Dawkins biomorphs. Also known as the Atari Bad Guy Generator.

Carbon Fiber Architecture

Carbon Fiber Future | "Taken together, the building's innovations open up the potential for what Testa calls a new 'organic minimalist aesthetic'—a building whose surface and structure are one and the same. The 24 strands will be fixed into shape by something called a robotic pultrusion machine, which Testa envisions climbing up the structure like a spider and weaving the strands on the side of the tower as it's built."

I'm back.

I'm back. I had the flu for a week, and have been crazy busy at school since then. This semester I'm doing the senior project in computer science. We're building an application to gather data for a psychology study on how age affects musical ability. I'm the project leader.

Valentine's Day: ugh. Just got some flowers for a friend, hung around town until she came around, and went home to go to sleep early.

I'm attending the computer lab at the moment. The snow is piling up outside; the streets are the slickest I've ever seen them, and I've lived in Chicago.

Invicid clothing has some superior product.