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The best Halloween costume I've ever seen: a Lego Minifig.

I not the kind of person who dresses up; but if I did, I'd be a shiny blue Pac-Man ghost. Then again, the constume would have to be about 5 feet wide to look right. It could be a cute costume for a small child.

Also, Pac-Man paintings. If ever I win the lottery, the first thing I'm going to do is commision a work.

Kunstformen der Natur

Kunstformen der Natur by Ernst Haeckel (1834-1919) contains 100 illustrations of siphonophores, squid, trachomedusae, and other symmetrical creatures. All of them are wonderfully detailed.

Also, a Japanese book of woodcuts of morning glory species from 1854.

These come from Kurt Stüber's online collection of historic and modern biology texts.

L-Sys Typo

Today I tried mixing typographic elements with L-Systems in PostScript. These are some simple 2 branch systems. I like how these look, but they're the exact opposite of good design in that I'm taking a tiny data set and expanding it into a huge, cluttered set.


I reformated and reinstalled everything on my laptop this weekend. I forgot to backup my bookmarks, so I had to relocate the weblogs I regularly read.

I found some good ones I haven't read before; like Beflix, a weblog of art produced by computer glitches. This is the kind of thing I'm always looking for. Every bit of the site is worth a look, but I especially liked the Schematik selections and couldn't agree more with the Anti-Fractal essay.

Anil Dash says what needs

Anil Dash says what needs to be said.

2001 Exhibit

2001: A Space Odyssey Collectibles Exhibit maintains the art and history of Kubrick's 2001, including blueprints, concept art, and a discussion of the ideas behind the clothing and furniture design. The site design and navigation is dated, so you may prefer to start with the sitemap.


Here's a nice set of PostScript files that you can use to make tabbed paper polygons for building polyhedra with rubberbands.

Illegal Art

Illegal-Art is a selection of work that steals and mocks copyrighted material.


My hosting service blanked for a couple of days, so I've got some catching up (and host changing) to do.

"gameLab is a new kind of game developer. Cinema has its independent filmmakers. The music industry has alternative and underground bands and DJs. And the gaming industry needs its independent voices." They've done some great games for Lego, but I'm really impressed by an abstract game called Fluid.

MC Chris has done hip-hop tracks for a few shows on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. He's also the assistant animator and voice of Hesh on Sealab 2021. His source material is funny, but he's actually skilled at rap. Check out "The Tussen" and "Fett's Vette."

I've also been listening to MC Paul Barman. Try Anarchist Bookstore.

I'm slowly learning to write PostScript. Until yesterday, I had thought it was just another vector format. It's actually pretty powerful, and its use of stacks makes it perfect for expressing Lindenmayer systems.