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Golan Levin's Axis Applet can tell you what any three countries have in common, in "Axis of Evil" parody form. (via Leuschke)

It's part of CODeDOC, a commisioned project by the Whitney Artport. Artists were asked to write a program on the theme of "three points" with under 8K of source code. It's a good thing they try to focus on the source itself: I had to read it to figure out how to exit Camille Utterback's piece.

Having kicked the site stats addiction...

I've just now noticed that my TreeFold applet got linked to on Metafilter last week:

"While poking around today, I found a link to Treefold, which isn't all that impressive in and of itself. The reason for my interest was[...]"

Well, thanks a bunch.


Back in 1996, I played a fantastic demo for a game called Cylindrix. It was like a cross between BattleZone and Cybersled: AI, multiple ships, special weapons, and team play. Games took place inside a tube, and your ship could alternate between surface-hovering and free flight.

I never found a retail copy of it, but one of the two original programmers has ported Cylindrix to Windows and Linux. Nothing fancy, just the DOS version in a window; but I suggest it for anyone with nostalgia for Atari vector games or DOS classics.