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Pd (pure data) is an

Pd (pure data) is an audio processing environment based on Max/MSP. Unlike Max, Pd is open source and runs on Windows (NT, 98, 95), Linux, and other platforms. It comes with great documentation; I'm learning the system quicky.

ActionSampler Camera, Roll #1 I'm

ActionSampler Camera, Roll #1

I'm having trouble finding things to take photos of; specifically, things that move. As it's winter, the zoo is closed and people are slow.

Actually, things have been slowing down for a while now. I'm thinking back to when I was in high school in Chicago: public transit, shows, skateboarding, diners, colorfully dressed friends ... boundless photographic opportunities. Life was like a commericial. Lately I drink coffee and watch movies.

Excellent Christmas. Our house now

Excellent Christmas. Our house now has a wireless network, and I get some great media too.

Extra neat: a Lomo ActionSampler from my sister. It takes four images, in one second, on a single negative frame (examples). I got the first roll back today; some neat shots, but I could definitely use some practice. I'll post it tomorrow.

Merry 6 AM Christmas! I've

Merry 6 AM Christmas! I've had this annual insomnia since 1989.

hex.org.uk and atoms.org.uk both host

hex.org.uk and atoms.org.uk both host physics and alife simulations written in Java. Among the best (and strangest): LowLife and Diffusion.

Well, I'm back for good.

Well, I'm back for good. I'd gotten bored with the community sites I still visit, and dropped out for a while; but behold, I have learned Actionscript, and am now running out of napkins to write ideas on.

I've been reading the older publications of Stephen Wolfram, the man who started Mathematica.