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See 010BUS for some really

See 010BUS for some really fantastic bitmap fonts. 5px katagana!

Recent dream - I step out of a crowded elevator into an empty hallway. I turn, and a blue and yellow spider leaps towards me. I catch it by a few legs and give it a frightened toss down the hall. I note that it had the distinctive texture of Silly Putty. Later, I find that this alien spider had become a kind of brown seed... like a walnut with microscopic spikes. As I hold it, it starts to grow and fade into green; I clamp it in a piece of paper until I can force it into a glass bottle for observation. I'm getting very nervous. I decide to twist the ends of the paper into a kind of bon bon, to trap the growing thing inside. I note that it seems to grow faster in the dark; suddenly it bursts from the wrapper and flops onto the floor. It has become a sort of big sloppy green caterpiller. It begins to stretch, like when you're making a clay snake. Rings of all colors stretch into place on its body. I try to pick it up to place in a bottle, but it breaks into two moving halves. As I do this, the grounded half begins to divide at the ends as it gets longer; branching into a double-tree of cycling colors. I scoop it into the bottle, piece-by-piece. I leave the bottle, and return later to find that it has exploded leaving a pile of moving white foam on the floor. An external voice informs me that this is a pile of the creature's base pairs. At one side, the foam seems to be condensing and pulling more foam towards that side; it is forming a new creature by knitting the foam particles together. It turns out to be an obscenely red rabbit, with fangs. I throw a net over it, and suddenly Kyle MacLachlan has put it into a glass tube and is killing it with a flamethrower.

I woke up that morning with a flu. Dreams like that don't come free.

wayform - an interactive ambient

wayform - an interactive ambient soundspace. Quite suave.

I've started working on music again, and I think it's going pretty well. Getting comfortable with breakbeats. Learning to listen critically.

Right now, it's SimCity2000 time.

The DLA work is going

The DLA work is going to be put aside, since I've already tried the algorithm with 0, 1, 2, and 3 dimensional objects. It's still in the bag of tricks, but I need to keep moving.

I plan to spent some time learning ActionScript this weekend, with the help of some cool source code from levitated.

Stat 380 deserves more

Stat 380 deserves more attention that I give it, surely.