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Design is Kinky is having

Design is Kinky is having their 2nd annual T-shirt design contest. You may enter as many works as you'd like, until early September. Four winners will receive a copy of each winning shirt design.

T-shirt design involves some interesting constraints - vector graphics and few colors. I don't have any experience with vector illustration, so I plan to work on a single submission up until the deadline. The central object will be an intentionally crude model of a military tank, coded vertex-by-vertex from specs and photos I downloaded today.

My next $50 will buy

My next $50 will buy a Lomo Supersampler.

A new wallpaper is up

A new wallpaper is up - Cell01

I'm particularly happy with how it turned out. The molecule-lookin' structure was generated by the DLA algorithm I mentioned yesterday; although I updated my code to use sticky spheres instead of cubes. Ideal for Mr. Bubble parodies.

I've been working on a

I've been working on a small program that builds 3D fractals using the Diffusion Limited Aggregation model. It's a simple recipe, but the output is stunning ... massive crystalline structures. You'll get a peek as soon as I've finished a design I'm happy with.

Check out this excellent demo for a better idea of how DLA works.

Blender is a comprehensive, free

Blender is a comprehensive, free 3D modeling application that fits on a floppy disk. Available for Windows, BeOS, Sun, and *nix.

So, this is the new

So, this is the new layout. By using a sidebar, I've been able to delete the various sections (and navigation) that once cluttered the page. Don't look under the hood, though; dangerously nested tables are inside.

A large subset of my

A large subset of my CD collection is printed with the warning, "For promotional use only - resale prohibited." I have about 3 dozen of these discs, mostly from used record stores. Every single one shares three eerie properties: major labels, 1990-95, and $1.99.

The best thing about this music is that you can't be a fan of it; every group seems to have existed only long enough to fail commercially. Their posters and t-shirts, if ever they existed, are long forgotten.

This is music without any larger context; like the piped-in sounds of airports and elevators. It's an oasis in an age when your personality is defined by the products you prefer -- forced to choose between earnest consumption and manufactured camp.

Except that most of it is just bad.

LParser is an amazing toy

LParser is an amazing toy for rainy days -- it generates organic-looking 3d models from simple instructions, using L-Systems. If you're willing to get down and dirty with the command line, LParser will do some amazing things.

I leave for Chicago tomorrow morning. It's a five hour drive, and the plans are sketchy ... but we always do it this way.

The day after the last

The day after the last post, my first laptop arrived. We've been on a honeymoon ever since. Not only can I stop programming on paper, I get unsolicited real-time design feedback from coffeehouse patrons. Bonus.

A new wallpaper is up.

Robotory has daily news on everything automated. The animation at Presstube blows my mind. Netstar makes dreamy fonts.